Freqtrade Strategies

When you've found a strategy that you're interested in, you can view its detailed backtesting results by clicking on the strategy's name. This will take you to a page that provides a wealth of information about the strategy, including its profitability, risk profile, trade history, and performance over time. You can also view a breakdown of the strategy's trades, including the entry and exit points, and any associated trade fees. This information can help you understand how the strategy works and whether it aligns with your trading goals. Additionally, you can use the performance tracker to monitor the real-time performance of the strategy and see how it's performing in the market. With FreqST, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which strategy is right for you.

Top 10 Freqtrade Strategies this Week
Trend Name Wins Losses % Profit Month
ichiV1 82 28 27.13%
HarmonicDivergence 158 89 16.24%
Babico_SMA5xBBmid 4 1 12.15%
TheForce 330 230 9.03%
Ichimoku_v37 2 5 8.76%
keltnerchannel 3 2 8.76%
WaveTrendStra 9 4 8.73%
EMA520015_V17 8 11 8.20%
Slowbro 3 3 7.03%
NostalgiaForInfinityXw 10 0 6.69%
New Strategies
New MultiMA_TSL3

This freqtrade strategy uses a combination of several technical indicators to detect buy and sell signals. The buy signals are detected with Trima, ZEMA, and HMA offsets combined with the RSI, PMAX, and EMA calculations. The sell signals are detected with the EMA calculation. This strategy is designed to give traders more flexibility when trading with a variety of technical indicators to find the best trade signal.

New MacheteV8b

This freqtrade strategy uses a combination of technical indicators to identify buying and selling opportunities in the crypto markets. This combination includes the Awesome MACD, ADX Momentum, ADX SMAs, ASDTS Rockwelltrading, Averages Strategy, Fisher Hull, Gettin Moist, HLHB, MACD Strategy (crossed and non-crossed), PMAX, Quickie, Scalp, Simple, Strategy001, and Technical Example Strategy, as well as the TEMA and RSI Strategies. Together these indicators help identify areas of possible market direction, trend either up or down, and potential entry points. The strategy is built to maximize profits while limiting losses by only entering positions when the indicators are in agreement that the move is in the chosen direction.

New Ichimoku_SenkouSpanCross

The Ichimoku Senkou Span Cross strategy is based on the Ichimoku Cloud and the crossing of the Senkou lines. It adds to the buy signal when the closing price is above both Senkou A and Senkou B, adding to the sell signal when the closing price is below both Senkou A and Senkou B. The RSI is also included in this strategy as an additional filter. This strategy is great for long-term trading as a single indicator or as part of a trading system. Signals to buy or sell are only triggered when all conditions are met.

New Schism2

This Freqtrade strategy uses the Relative Momentum Index (RMI) as its core indicator. Italso uses the RSI to detect overbought and oversold conditions. Additionally, itconsiders the 3-day-low, Average Daily Range (ADR), momentum per hour (MPH), and Profit Factor. This strategy is set to analyze Historical Data to determine the right points to buy and sell. When a buy signal is triggered, the strategy uses stops losses and take profits to maximize gains. As the trade continues, the strategy also adjusts parameters to maximize gains. If a sell signal is triggered, the strategy uses stop losses with a pre-determined loss threshold.

New BB_RPB_TSL_Tranz

New NfiNextModded

This strategy utilizes three different indicators to identify buy and sell signals. It uses the low shift rolling 288 min to identify the minimum price, and looks for a drop below this indicator to enter a buy position. It also uses the volume indicator to confirm the strength of the buy signal. Finally, the strategy doesn't use the traditional sell signal but instead sets the sell indicator to zero by default.

New NASOSv5_mod3

This freqtrade strategy boils down to using a combination of the "rsi_fast", "EWO" and a couple of moving averages to enter and exit trades. The strategy is designed to enter a trade when the RSI_fast is below a specific threshold, the EWO is within specific high boundaries, the current price is below a low offset MA, the RSI is below 44 and the volume is greater than 0. The strategy is designed to exit a trade when the price is above a high offset MA, the RSI is over 50, the RSI_fast is above the RSI_slow, the price exceeds is greater than the simple moving average of 9 days, or the price is less than the hull moving 50 day average with the RSIfast being greater than the RSIslow.

New NowoIchimoku5mV2

NowoIchimoku5mV2 is a strategy optimized for use with the 5-minute time frame. It uses indicators like SMA, HMA, Bollinger bands and Ichimoku cloud to identify buying/selling opportunities in the market. This strategy has been also setup to use custom stop loss values, trailing stops and minimal ROI settings. All of these parameters can be adjusted on the strategy itself to further fine-tune the performance and profitability of the strategy. Additionally, the strategy has been setup to use informative pairs and merge the data from 1 hour time frames for better accuracy in identification of trends and market signals.

New NostalgiaForInfinityNextV7155


This strategy uses two indicators to help traders to identify profitable buying and selling opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and this strategy is called RSI (Relative Strength Index) and WILLR(Williams %R). The RSI indicator is used to detect overbought and oversold conditions in the market and is calculated using the past 14 candlestick data. The WILLR indicator is used to detect future market trends and is calculated using the past 14 bar data. The strategy utilizes the RSI indicator to identify buy signals in the market. When the RSI crosses below 30 and the Williams %R crosses below 80 then the freqtrade algorithm will execute a buy signal. The strategy also uses the WILLR indicator to identify sell signals. To execute sell a signal the RSI must move above 70 and the WILLR above -20. All of the above indicators and parameters has been used to generate the strategy and help improve trading accuracy. This strategy is an excellent way for traders to spot strong trends and capitalize on them.